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The Blessed House International Church “Women of Insight” Ministry is a ministry that serves women 22 and up. It stands on the Word of God which says, “…but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.”  A woman’s beauty is not defined by her outer look, but by her character, her inner self.  As you read Proverbs 31, you will understand what King Lemuel’s mother taught him regarding the ideal woman. As women of God, we follow the same model.

Whether you are single, married, divorced, widowed or in a relationship- it is important to understand how a Christian woman should live. Her life is a testimony to other women and it can be an influence to younger girls who want to become women of God.

Come Join US!

Come Join US!

We meet every second Saturday of each month.

Time: 1pm.


The Blessed House Int’l Church’s Fellowship Hall


Every Woman of Insight never leaves her purse behind. 

Let’s go on a short journey – carry your Purse with you…

Your “PURSE” represents your HEART. Inside your “PURSE” you should ALWAYS have at least five important items (characteristics) that will help you throughout life:

5 Important Items(characteristics) that will help you throughout life







The most important item (characteristic) is to SEEK GOD’S LOVE FIRST! (Matthew 6:33-34) Understanding that without the Master Key, which represents JESUS, you won’t be able to open doors-  to your home, your business or job, your car, or any other area where you are left in charge. In order for God to manifest Himself in you, you need to receive Him. You receive Him by accepting Him in your heart and maintaining an intimate relationship with Him. The Master Key is crucial! If you put your trust in Him, then you do NOT have to worry about anything, because you know that He will provide and care for you. Some women settle with a regular key, which only opens one door. They believe that they need a man or material things to keep them happy or satisfied, this is NOT true. God created a void in your heart for one purpose, that purpose is for you to yearn for Him. That void can only be filled through the acceptance of our Lord, Jesus Christ- taking the Master Key. Once that void is filled, then you are on the right track for successful happiness. Joy comes from the Lord! The world gives temporary joy, but God’s joy is forever. By accepting the Master Key, you are opening the door to receive all the promises God has in store for you!


The mirror represents God’s word which we must look into daily as we meander the course of life.

When we look into this mirror we begin to see ourselves the way God sees us. So we are reminded to love others also and draw them into our circle of love & uncompromise towards Godly living.

God’s word also gives us discernment to walk away from those who only cause distractions and are not meant to be in this circle of love. Thus saving us from years of misery, unhappiness & disappointments.

LOVE OTHERS/AGAPE (Proverbs 31:26) Godly wisdom is loving others as God loves you. A Mirror is a reminder of God’s love for you. As you look in the mirror and see your own reflection you should be reminded of how much God loves you, and in the same manner, you should love others.  It is important that you pray for discernment, to learn how to love and to learn when to receive others in your life- not everyone is meant to be in your circle. By praying for wisdom you will be able to make righteous choices, which in turn will save you from years of misery and unhappiness. Learning to wait on God is a virtue; choosing to live righteously brings victory.


YOUR BEAUTY IS REFLECTED BY YOUR GOOD WORKS (Proverbs 31:30 & 1 Timothy 2:9-10) Beauty is not based only on your outer appearance, but is in fact, based upon your good deeds. Your Lipstick represents the blessing you are bringing to others. Your fancy outfit or the make-up you wear does not please God. He is more pleased by your good deeds, your love for Him and your praise to Him. In the same manner, a man also seeks those characteristics in a woman. Although, looking presentable (dressing well and taking care of yourself, your body, your skin) is important, it is not as important as doing good works. So wear that Lipstick well! Show God, through your good works, how much you love Him.


HUMBLENESS MEANS THINK OF YOURSELF LESS (Philippians 2:3-5) Humility and humbleness go hand in hand. A Debit Card or Cash represents the attitude you have towards others- by becoming a giver rather than always expecting to receive, you are showing God humility. If you know someone is in need, bring out your debit card and use it to provide for them. When you humble yourself God is glorified. As a woman, it is in your nature to put others before yourself, that is how God created you. You please God when you obey Him. Part of your obedience is to nurture others- becoming a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend. Always make yourself available to help others grow, help others succeed, pray for them, provide for them, assist them.


LIVE TO PLEASE GOD ONLY (Colossians 3:23 & John 12:25-26) It is important that whatever you do, you give it 100% knowing that you are pleasing God in the process. A Healthy Snack represents a quick prayer. Sometimes in your journey you get hungry and you may not have time to stop and cook a full meal, so you snack on something and it will help you hold until you get to your destination and eat a proper meal.  Quick prayers pretty much work the same way- throughout the day a quick prayer will help you stay focused and keep you in character with God, until you get to your prayer closet and spend real time with Him.  Through your behavior and reactions- at home, at work, at church or wherever you are, is how you show pleasure to God.






So carry your PURSE proudly! Keep your ITEMS safely in your PURSE and add more ITEMS as you go along your journey to becoming a GREAT WOMAN OF GOD. May God bless you abundantly!

Come and unwind and leave refreshed! Our purpose is to encourage each other and fellowship with each other. We also have outings such as a day at the salon or teatime.

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