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Are you on the lookout for vibrant and welcoming churches in Lake Mary? Look no further! 

Welcome to the city of lakes! Whether you have recently relocated or are enjoying a temporary stay, one thing is certain: the beauty of this city will captivate you. Among the many attractions that make this city special, The Blessed House International Church stands out prominently. What sets it apart? The Blessed House Church has firmly embedded itself within the local and global community, making a profound impact on the lives of families, schools, and the surrounding neighborhoods. Through its unwavering commitment, The Blessed House has earned the reputation of being more than just a church—it is a family that continually strives to uplift and empower every individual who walks through its doors. Stepping into The Blessed House Church, you will be warmly greeted by a friendly and welcoming environment filled with people who genuinely rejoice at your presence.

What to desire for in your search for churches in Lake Mary

Churches in Lake Mary | The Blessed House Church

1. A Healthy Spiritual Life For You.

The Blessed House stands out with its commitment to preaching and teaching the undiluted Word of God, setting it apart from many churches in America today. The Word is not only delivered with understanding, power, and relevance but also without compromise. Pastor Charles, the senior pastor of The Blessed House Church, passionately emphasizes the importance of equipping people with the unadulterated truth. Rather than relying on psychology books to manipulate emotions, Pastor Charles focuses on feeding the congregation with God’s truth, enabling them to experience spiritual growth.

Here at The Blessed House, the preached Word brings forth hope, faith, miracles, and transformation—aligning with the true power of God’s Word. As Apostle Paul proclaimed in the Bible, “For the Kingdom of God is not just a lot of talk; it is living by God’s power” (1 Corinthians 4:20, NLT). The teachings at this Church provides practical knowledge to equip individuals to live a victorious life in Christ.


In addition to these remarkable benefits, there are many other reasons why listening to the teaching is highly rewarding. Here are a few highlights:

• Engaging messages that provoke thought, based on the Bible.

• Spiritual nourishment and growth.

• Deepening knowledge of God’s Word.

• A loving, caring, and encouraging atmosphere rooted in Christ.

Experience the transformative power of the Word at The Blessed House Church and embrace a life filled with spiritual growth.

2. Great Worship Experience.

In respect to worship at The Blessed House, we believe in the power of pure worship inspired by the Holy Spirit. As you enter our doors, immerse yourself in an atmosphere filled with heartfelt praise and adoration. Our carefully curated worship music creates a high-energy experience, stirring your spirit and igniting passion for God. Experience the freedom to worship with all your heart, soul, and mind, embracing a culture of liberty in expressing love for God.


In this joy-filled atmosphere, discover a space where you can let go of everyday worries and stresses. Surrender to God’s presence as His love and grace envelop you, leaving you refreshed, renewed, and touched by His divine presence. Encounter worship’s power uplifting your spirit, bringing healing to your soul, and strengthening your faith.


Join us at The Blessed House on a profound and personal journey of encountering God. Let the music and atmosphere guide you into a place of connection, intimacy, and divine encounter. Release inhibitions and allow the Holy Spirit to move freely, experiencing the transformative power of worshipping God.


Be part of The Blessed House, where pure worship, high energy, freedom, and joy abound. Your family will find a safe and welcoming space to connect with God, build relationships, and experience the beauty of genuine worship. Get ready to be touched, transformed, and filled with overflowing joy from encountering the living God.

3. Wonderful Care For The Little Ones.

We prioritize the spiritual growth and well-being of your children. Our exciting and faith-filled ministry programs cater to kids of all ages.

We begin by ensuring excellent care provided by our dedicated team. Upon arrival, please check-in your children 45 minutes before the main service.

Our friendly staff will guide you through a seamless registration process, providing first-time guests with a registration form. Register your child in our Nursery area, where they will be well-cared for throughout the service.

Once checked-in, your children can engage in our age-specific teaching sessions. Our passionate teachers creatively present lessons on the Word of God, fostering a love for Jesus and building a strong biblical foundation.

We understand the importance of play and exploration in child development. That’s why we offer creative games, arts, and crafts activities that allow children to express themselves while learning about God’s love.

This hands-on approach ensures an educational and enjoyable experience at The Blessed House. Building relationships and fostering friendships are vital to a child’s spiritual journey.

Our ministry programs provide ample opportunities for kids to interact with their peers, encouraging the formation of new friendships within the church community.

We strive for a holistic experience, addressing your children’s spiritual, emotional, and social needs. Join us as we prioritize their growth, safety, and happiness.

Create a nurturing environment where they can flourish in their faith and create cherished memories.

4. Small Groups For Everyone.

Small Groups help you to build the kind of friendships we all need to live out our faith. They are study/activity groups that will encourage you to grow stronger in your relationship with God and discover your purpose so that you can impact the world. Whether at physical or online meetings, our groups draw you closer to God. 

Churches in Lake Mary, FL | The blessed House


If you are searching for a place to worship, to grow spiritually and to be a positive change in the lives of others and in your community, The Blessed House International Church is the right place for you. So plan to visit The blessed House Church this Sunday. 

Churches in Lake Mary, FL | The blessed House