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Step 2:

Please join both plans. If you join just one, the reading plan would be incomplete. Please join the first plan(PLAN 1) first and then come back here to join the second part of the plan(PLAN 2). Thank you and God bless you.

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Welcome to 455Bible Reading Plan! We are glad to see that you may be interested in joining our One-year+ Bible Reading on the Youversion App. We are excited and can’t wait to have you join us on this amazing journey! Together, we are going to change the world with the Gospel of Christ! Welcome to the Blessed Family. 

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I have a bit of a testimony to share this morning. As I was starting my shift at work, one of the workers asked me if I worked Saturday to which i replied no. She then proceeded to tell me that there is so much a difference when I am not there because I am able to keep up with everyone. Prior to this conversation, I had been praying for God to make me prosperous in my job for some time. And I always declared the confession of faith that we declare at this church. God is so great because in a time where people are losing their jobs, I am flourishing in Jesus name. All Glory and praise to His name! Amen!

Sister Terry-ANN

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