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Let’s Preach The Gospel to the Entire World!

All that God has commissioned The Blessed House Church to do is done with the help of a team, and partnership is about coming alongside them to be a part of that team. 

The Blessed House International church |Pastor charles
Pastor Charles Peters


Preaching the Gospel to the entire world. Turning many unto righteousness. Ministering to the hurt with the Love of God. Living the Supernatural life through the knowledge of the Son of God Jesus Christ.


Pastor Beatrice Peters
The Blessed House Church in lake Mary. This Blessed House is where you belong.
The Blessed House Church
Pastor Charles Peters

Benefits of Partnership

 When you Partner with The Blessed House, you connect with the work, the rewards and the anointing of this ministry. The grace and anointing on the ministry comes on you, and you share the heavenly reward for every soul won, every person healed and every life changed.

When you become a Partner, we pray for you every day, and you will receive The Blessed House Church Partner Letter from time to time, as well as access to a wealth of resources to help you build faith and live a life of total victory.

Together, we can make an impact!