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The Blessed House International Church - Faith Clinic

If in the sincerity of your heart you feel , you have weak faith or no faith at all and you are facing a challenge that without the help of God, there is no way you will ever make it . Faith Seminar is for you. If you are in a hopeless and helpless situation, this is for you. If you have been called a bum and you are now beginning to feel like a bum or you are a real bum, this is for you. Have you come to your wits end or are contemplating suicide because, you can not find a way out? You are exactly the person I was sent to. You are a Christian you are facing divorce but you both really don’t want it, but you seem not to have a choice this is for you. Now as you come please come with a Bible…

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2018 the year of the glorious flames of fire 🔥 , the beginning of the manifestations of the sons and Daughters of the most high God . There shall be phenomenal manifestations of God’s power through the Church , not by one or two but many whole churches given to working in power and glory . Knowledge shall greatly increase in the kingdom concerning the work of God and many shall be set free bondage’s broken communities delivered , men filled with the Holy Ghost shall speak to nature and it shall respond according to the word of the Lord.